dream journal

When I was a kid I had the most vivid dreams and I felt I could remember them when I woke up. It was something I would talk about with friends or family and we’d all tell each other our crazy dreams. But as I became an adult I feel like my dreams vanished as soon as I woke up. 

I wanted to know my dreams and I was frustrated by not remembering them. And then a friend suggested I keep a dream journal by my bed. The way to recall the dreams was simple: just grab for the journal and pen the second my eyes opened and write down anything I could think of regarding my dream. 

If I waited a few minutes to go to the bathroom, brush my teeth, etc then the dream memory would be gone. It had to be written down the minute I woke up.

And so now I make it a habit to write down something before I get out of bed. It’s fun to see any patterns that recur over and over. Sometimes it’s easy to understand and sometimes the part of the dream I can remember is completely confusing to me.

I don’t always analyze the dream but I have gone back to it occasionally to see if the dreams somehow were messages. They are often hard to recognize as a sign at the moment you are having them but I’m learning to see dreams as a way my Spirit Guides communicate with me. 

Dreams are restorative but they are also a way for us to process the day and prepare for something coming up. Don’t disregard a dream or nightmare. There is meaning behind them if you are willing to listen. 

Do yourself a favor and put a journal and pen by your bedside and start jotting down those messages. It is really fun to read them later and decipher the clues that were there all along.