energy healing of reiki

energy healing is powerful. Reiki is an incredible opportunity for healing.

I used to be the person who said massages had to be deep-tissue or they weren’t really worth it. That is, until I tried Reiki and my whole mindset changed.

But what is Reiki and why is it so effective?

Reiki is a treatment that works on the whole body, not just one part. It’s goal is to promote healing. So while a massage may be geared towards relieving pain, Reiki may do that as well but while targeting energy flow throughout the body. 

Reiki is two Japanese words: Red means “God’s wisdom” and Ki means “life force energy.” Reiki is often described as a spiritually guided life force energy experience.

This is a simple and natural healing method that everyone can use. Many have sought treatment for serious illnesses as well as relief from everyday fatigue. The treatment should leave you feeling renewed and relaxed with a sense of peace. 

Practitioners lay their hands just above the body or lightly touch it. They will transmit energy healing to reduce pain, create relaxation, and decrease symptoms causing problems to the client. 

Reiki is not actually a massage. And it’s not meditation or even prayer. However, this alternative healing method is healing and can be hard to explain how or why without experiencing it for yourself. 

For me, I felt a sense of calm that made my aches and pains disappear. I opted for a hot stone real massage, which is unique to the therapist I chose. She sets the intention before the treatment, and infuses her energy into the stones as she places them on me. The combination of the intention, the hot stones, and her healing energy worked better than a deep tissue massage.

Reiki is worth trying if you are interested in a new approach to wellness. I find the power of touch to be almost magical when it comes to healing and this is even more mystical. 



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