new moon energy for beginning the life you want

Leo gives us the courage to create the life we are meant to live - the time is now.

New Moons bring a powerful energy that we can all tap into and use to create the life we truly want. It can be a time to dig deep. It helps us let go of the past and fully set our intentions for the dreams we envision.

The New Moon has a way of showing us that an ending is also the new beginning of the life we want.

Use this Leo New Moon on August 11 to look inward and take steps forward. There is magic in the energy of both the sun and moon. Tap into that and it has the potential to reveal our true self.

Don’t hesitate and second guess yourself. If you truly listen to your inner voice, you know what you want to do, be, and feel. Cultivate that desire and manifest that vision of your life.

Your words can attract energy frequencies, which then sets a chain of reactions in motion to see your intentions through to reality. Your thoughts, intentions and words hold the power. The New Moon sheds light into the darkness and can open up the possibilities for your new beginning.

Leo is leading the charge for us this New Moon. Leo is brave, bold, and loves to live life. Leo reminds us to take time to play and enjoy ourselves. Your inner child holds the key to unlocking the answers you seek.

Keep in mind, another aspect to aligning with our true self is being kind. Be compassionate to yourself and to others. Allowing yourself to be unique is just as important as being open to others and their journey.

The new moon in Cancer gave us the time to care for ourselves and our spirit. And now Leo is giving us the much-needed push to get out there in the world, do a twirl and shine. 

Fear is the block. We all know this. It’s hard to put yourself out there and glow from within when you are worried about what others think. Leo is all about courage and is the exact energy needed to propel us into the  world where perceptions rule.

Remember, there is a reason this New Moon is happening now. Leo is giving us the strength to overcome that insecurity and be aware of those feelings while not being held back by them.

When you go inward you learn who you want to be and you also understand the roots of your fears. Listen to your gut about your true purpose. Your insecurities will not disappear but they can be put to the side as you gain confidence in this journey.

The Partial Solar Eclipse happening during the New Moon is providing the opening we need to block all those negative powers trying to hold us back. All the limits we put on ourselves, the bad habits, and comfort zones we love to live in are keeping us from seeing the way forward. 

None of this is new information — it’s a reminder that we all have some of it lurking deep. Use Leo’s energy to push that aside.

It is important for us to learn from the past, the wounds and all the fears. But the New Moon is about letting them go and not holding onto them any longer.  

Step through the gateway of the New Moon and rid yourself of all the bad mojo.

However, the moon can only do so much for us. The power will be there and it is up to us to tap into it and use it for good in our life. Allow information to come through and be open to it. Be honest about your struggles while digging deep for the courage to get past them. 

Ultimately, being aware of the limits on yourself and being kind to yourself will allow the Partial Solar Eclipse of the New Moon to bring positive energy to heal. The universe is offering this as a time to create the life you want.

Go for it. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain.



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