top crystals for leo new moon

New Moons bring exciting changes. It’s the universe telling us we don’t have to stay on the path we started. Be honest with yourself and make a change. We can pivot and start a new journey.  

On August 11, 2018 there is a not only a New Moon in Leo but it is also a partial solar eclipse. This is a great opportunity to exchange energy with the world and be who you are meant to be. Crystals are amazingly helpful in tapping into the magic of the universe. There are a few that are especially good for this New Moon energy.

As you know, the New Moon is in Leo. This means that Leo’s strength and bravery will give us the courage to accept ourself. Use this power to give yourself the confidence to ignore the opinions of others and instead look inward to find your passion. 

This new moon gives us a look at the roots of our fears and begs us to reject them. When we make the intention to release these blocks we will then able to become who we want to be in this life. Intentions work when we believe.

Write down the fears and old habits you cling to and make a conscious effort to let them go in with this new moon. This could be a list or it could be a journal entry. By writing them down it is a step in acknowledging them, which starts the process of taking away its power. You control your life and you can decide to make these all part of your past. 

The New Moon is also joined by a Partial Solar Eclipse taking place at the North Lunar Node. Solar Eclipses have a way of propelling us into huge leaps in our life. When we shed the old beliefs, fears and bad habits we are then open to the enemies that will allow us to the person we are meant to be. 

To assist in this evolution and tap into this mystical power of the New Moon and Partial Solar Eclipse, there are some crystals to consider.

  • Citrine has the power to help us manifest our desires. Keep it close when you write down your intentions. This crystal also cleanses negative energy, which is a huge bonus. 
  • Pyrite is known to both protect and empower. This crystal will give us the energy to understand our direction. 
  • Tiger’s Eye is balancing and calming. Use during the New Moon to balance the energy of both the Sun and Moon.
  • Desert Jasper is a key crystal when seeking motivation. Use when beginning a new project and needing to stay grounded. 

Set your intentions. Commit to the new beginnings and releasing the old, bad ways that are holding you back. Align with the crystals to tap into the magic of the New Moon to call in the energy you need.

This is an exciting time and you can make the most of it when you use Leo’s confidence, bravery and playfulness. Breathe it in and raise your vibration.


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