day at the beach is good for your skin

Want to get some beauty benefits from a day at the beach? Easy. Go play in the ocean. Walk or run, it doesn’t matter. Go all in. The ocean is full of incredible minerals that our body can soak up.  day at the beach is good for your skin.

It’s easy to understand that water is healing. The sound of it alone is calming. However, the ocean offers more for our bodies than lakes or rivers. 

The word, thalassotherapy is the technical term used for using seawater for medical reasons. It’s no coincidence many of the top wellness resorts are conveniently located on the ocean or close to one. 

What beauty benefits does seawater offer?

  • cleans pores

  • balances oil production

  • acts as an exfoliant 

  • aids psoriasis

  • absorbs toxins

  • can treat infections

  • encourages the healing process

  • anti-inflammatory

  • draws moisture from eczema-causing bacteria and fungi to hinder development

The seawater is packed with powerful minerals, such as magnesium, calcium and potassium. Together, they can fight things like bacteria so the body has a chance to be free to thrive. The exfoliating powers open the pores which allows the skin to absorb the minerals it needs.

The skin will feel refreshed, renewed and relaxed after a day at the beach. Your whole body will be less stressed and your hair will get the bonus of beach waves. Enjoy some time at the beach and your skin will thank you for it.




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