time to make the shift

Today’s Full Moon in Pisces is pushing us. Look inward, dig deep and believe in our own power. It’s time to make the shift into the person we have been dreaming to become.

The Pisces energy will give us the motivation to do the work. Growing is not easy but it’s necessary. 

The triad of eclipses guided our inner transformations. Now we need to trust in ourselves and go for it. This Full Moon is about solving problems, not stirring them up.

All the magic is activated because the Full Moon is in a Great Trine: Uranus in auras, Sun in Virgo and Saturn in Capricorn. 

The Pisces energy wakes us up and gives us the nudge we need for endings and big changes. We can let go and surrender now. Trust in your gut. Can’t say that enough. Let your emotions come out. It’s ok to cry. 

If you have been working hard on something but it’s just not happening… try to ignore it. That may sound weird but if you relinquish that hold on you then it just might open up. 

The signs will be more alive and it’s time to keep a keen sense about you to find them. Are numbers repeating? Do you have deja vu? These are all part of the puzzle that will make sense if you are open to seeing the messages. Follow the clues and know it’s the universe talking to you.

Since Pisces is ruled by Neptune it is always good to be around water to tap into the energy. If you can’t get to the ocean then put some sea salt in your tub and feel the purifying effects.

The time for change is now. Use the Full Moon to release your emotions, the inner doubts, and embrace the endings with the full understanding that means new beginnings. 



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