peace of mind

The key to wellness for me is peace of mind. It’s about silencing that little voice in the head. You know the voice I’m talking about: the one that puts up all the blocks, the one that distracts, and the one that causes doubt. Peace of mind is the ultimate.

The first step is to understand that the mind is completely separate. Let me say that again: the mind is not you. The mind is really powerful. The mind throws up blocks. The mind talks nonstop and causes distractions.

So, how do you get peace of mind?

Once you get clarity on the fact that the voices you hear in your head are not you then you can relax. The idea that you are not the voices is the key. It’s the voices that mess you up. The voices of the mind rattle you nonstop. The voices cause the angst, the worry, the fear and ultimately make it hard to be at peace.

To find peace and to achieve that serenity is simply a matter of taking a step back and distance yourself from the voices in your head.

When you truly understand that the mind is playing games at it is not who you really are then you can laugh at it, you can tell it to quiet down, or you can just ignore it. And in that moment of taking back control you find your peace.

The mind is going to fight for control. The mind wants to throw you off and plant seeds of judgment, doubt and all sorts of negative obstacles. Don’t let it.

When you hear yourself say things that are judgmental or doubting your own worth then pause for minute. That is your cue to stop. You can literally stop yourself next time you feel that urge to judge someone or something. It’s not you doing that. It’s your mind playing tricks.

The more you become aware of this nonstop banter trying to trip you up the more you will be able to take direct your soul to its true desires. When you listen to your soul and not the voices in your head your whole world opens up. 

Listen to your soul. Quiet the noise in your head and follow your heart. When you do that you will achieve peace of mind.



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