day at the beach is good for your skin

If I had one day left to live I’d spend it at the beach. No question. I love any type of water atmosphere – it can be the ocean, lake, or river. The ideal image in my head is always the quiet, remote beach on an island with the bluest water imaginable but I am happy being by any water. The ocean is magical. It’s hard to deny it’s power, beauty and awe. But did you know that a day at the beach is good for your skin?

We have grown afraid of everything and that actually has its downsides, too. We lather up with sunscreen and shield ourselves from the sun when in reality we need the sun’s rays. I want to get back to the point where we have moderation and common sense. There are natural benefits we can enjoy and not fear and it’s important for our mind, body and spirit to tap into nature.

A day at the beach is more than soaking up sunshine and enjoying some relaxationl. The beach is really good for your skin. There are many beauty benefits from a day at the beach and they don’t cost a penny.  Easy. Go play in the ocean. Walk or run, it doesn’t matter. Go all in.

The ocean is full of incredible minerals that our body can soak up. The minerals are essential for our body and can be absorbed through the skin.

It’s easy to understand the concept that water is healing. The sound of the waves is calming. Looking at water can be relaxing. While all bodies of water are beneficial, the ocean offers more for our bodies than lakes or rivers. 

The word, thalassotherapy is the technical term used for using seawater for medical reasons. It’s no coincidence many of the top wellness resorts are conveniently located on the ocean or close to one. 

What beauty benefits does seawater offer?

  • cleans pores

  • balances oil production

  • acts as an exfoliant 

  • aids psoriasis

  • absorbs toxins

  • can treat infections

  • encourages the healing process

  • anti-inflammatory

  • draws moisture from eczema-causing bacteria and fungi to hinder development

The seawater is packed with powerful minerals, such as magnesium, calcium and potassium. Together, they can fight things like bacteria so the body has a chance to be free to thrive. Then add in the exfoliating powers to open pores so the minerals can be absorbed. It does all the work for you.

The result is the skin feels refreshed, renewed and relaxed after a day at the beach. Your whole body will be less stressed. You mind was able to hit the reset button. Your heart was able to get a jolt of energy from grounding in the sand. And your hair will get the bonus of beach waves.

Find a way to get your feet in the sand, your body into the ocean and leave your worries behind. You will notice the benefits to your skin but it will have longer term effects on your whole body.



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