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Accelerated silver changes the wellness game for good


Accelerated silver changes the wellness game for good

In my wellness journey I have tried many things. But nothing has been as big a game changer as accelerated silver. It seemed at first too good to be true and I was skeptical. I didn't want my initial skepticism to get the better of me because what if it was that good? What if?

I wanted to build up my immune system and heard about this super cool wonder liquid. Could it really do all of those amazing things?  Who wouldn't want to have clean blood and build up their cells? How ridiculously cool would that be?

*Disclaimer: These claims have not been evaluated by the FDA and are anecdotal testimonials. The product is undergoing FDA testing now and is also shared by hundreds of customers worldwide.

I truly believe that if the body is treated well, given the opportunity to detoxify and the assistance to rebuild, then it has the ability to heal any ailment.

I am so excited to give my body and my family's body the chance to rebuild so it can protect itself from illness. The best defense is a strong offense. 

It has no real taste so you can take it and not feel like it's medicine. It's almost hard to believe the spoonful of liquid that tastes like water is that powerful.

A customized distillation technology is used unlike other companies who use reverse osmosis water. But the real key to it's most successful ability to completely penetrate the cells is ozonation.


What is accelerated silver?

In short, it's a natural antibiotic. It better than colloidal silver and ionic silvers because it acts like a gas in order to completely penetrate into the cells (compared to only 6% of colloidal silver).

Accelerated silver supports the immune system so it's used against aging, infection and chronic disease.

As a supplement, it has the ability to kill many pathogens, such as viruses, bacteria and fungi with no known side effects. It tastes like water. And my kids take a spoonful willingly and like it, too.

How does it work?

Diseases and pathogens love acidic environments. Stress, acidic foods (coffee, gluten, sugar, alcohol), and environmental pollutants are key players in building up the acidic playground.

Enter accelerated silver and it gives the body a boost because it makes that environment alkaline so the pathogens cannot survive let alone thrive.

Accelerated silver differs from antibiotics because pathogens (for example, bacteria or viruses) are not able to mutate into silver-resistant forms. To put plainly: pathogens become resistant to antibiotics but not to accelerated silver.


What are some of the ailments that can be treated?

  • bacterial infections (strep throat)
  • flu virus
  • ear infections
  • acne
  • warts
  • canker sores
  • pneumonia, bronchitis
  • yeast infections
  • inflammation
  • fatigue


There are no side effects. The reason is because the water molecules memorize the “signature” of the Silver and the body recognizes the “highly charge signature” immediately as silver, without leaving any metal residue in the body; thus no side effects.

Since it is able to achieve 100% penetration into the cells (that is 20 times more effective than colloidal silver.

I don't understand all of the science behind this product but I'm telling you that I feel better and I believe it's making a difference. I don't have any affiliate relationship with this company and am just spreading the word about this because it's been pretty great for me and my family.

If you are on the fence, give it a try. Take it consistently for two weeks and listen to your body. I think you'll agree it is a powerful tool in wellness that could make the difference in your journey.

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